Collection: Harriet Tubman (HT) Love In Actions: Community Giving

Live Love Prosper book

Introducing a collection inspired by the remarkable Harriet Tubman, a woman driven by self-love and a passion for action. This carefully curated assortment emphasizes the transformative power of love expressed through impactful actions, each item contributing to community initiatives.

  1. Love, Live, Prosper Book: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the Love, Live, Prosper book, a collaborative effort with Authors Who Care. With every purchase, $15.00 is donated to Mary's Place supporting their mission to ensure no child sleeps outside and promoting equity and opportunity for women and families. Learn more about                                                                 Mary's Place  
  1. 30 Lessons in Love, Leadership, and Legacy from Harriet Tubman: Dive into the insightful book and accompanying workbook by Karol V. Brown. Bulk purchases by approved nonprofit organizations allow them to sell the book at retail, using the profits to support their programs, particularly those aiding young people.
  2. The Harriet Tubman Way: Explore the inspirational guide to self-love, empowerment, and legendary leadership for girls. Whether you choose the book, workbook, or the comprehensive Gift-Box, your purchase contributes to the mission of Girls United by Love through support for local initiatives.
  3. Girls United by Love Design: Elevate your style with the Girls United by Love design by Ocean Brown. Every purchase directly contributes to furthering Ocean Brown's education, empowering her pursuit of knowledge.

Join us in spreading love through meaningful actions, inspired by the legacy of Harriet Tubman.